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We received the package, units look really well engineered and made! Thank you.

Tooling Manager, California, USA

Working great! Thanks for asking. Bill also called me last week to check in. We appreciate the responsiveness and great service.

Director, Co-Manufacturing Innovation, Pennsylvania, USA

Your company has been a great help of this project. We really appreciated.

Director of Development (University), New York, USA

P.S.  The slats are awesome.  Had to slow the line speed to stop it from taking off, as the speed increased about 25% on its own with the slats on. Justification on the next machine should be much easier!

Process Technician, Illinois, USA

I want to thank you guys for going above and beyond on this one.  Your customer service and dedication is outstanding.  Just wanted to take the time to let you know how much I appreciate it.

Sr. Mechanical Engineer, South Dakota, USA

The tooling has been, in my opinion, performing beyond anybody’s expectation. It is hard to argue with the performance we are getting right now.

Project Manager, Ohio, USA

There is no better product in the world for PE other than SM24.

Manufacturing Manager, Pennsylvania, USA

We're seeing immediate results with the new slats [CFWS-2BHT].  It’s way cheaper than the carbon fiber rollers that is for sure!

Project Engineer, Wisconsin, USA

After about a year, I decided it was time to give Pearl's pre-nip a try.  I bought one and installed it on July 4th, 2015. The minute we started up the line, we saw huge improvements and realized we were on to something. Since then, we have run 3 million pounds of resin on it with zero issues, just steady great film. I started to spread the word to our other plants. I also bought a couple more for our other lines and they're working great too. I've been singing the praises of Pearl's pre-nips ever since.

Plant Manager, Tennessee, USA

Receive the Flex this morning; on the machine and running. It increased our speed by almost double, nice unit. Will be requesting another in a couple of months.

Lead Adjustor, Conversion, Alberta, Canada

We ran the product @ 60fpm without a problem, all involved are very happy with the pivot punch and we thank you.

Lead Adjustor, Conversion, Alberta, Canada

I enjoyed meeting the whole crew so it was a pleasure for me as well. Thanks to everyone for the hospitality and the time taken to bring me up to date with the fantastic progress Pearl has made. I was a bit reluctant to leave but getting a head start enabled me to get back to the home office yesterday evening and do the mail this am. Thanks once again and give my best to everyone.

Salesman, Georgia, USA

We put the new Flex 4s unit on the machine. The new unit we have had no trouble at all punching through the film. We all thank you & your team for all the help you have given us to rectify this issue. 

Conversion Supervisor, Florida, USA

Mark has commented that Pearl has designed a better single swing punch that has bearings and the piping comes in from the side.

I do not consider Pearl to be high risk because your support has been very good and you have essentially partnered with us in the past, helping us meet our customer needs. That kind of trust is difficult to build but Pearl has accomplished it. Thank You.

Project Engineer, Wisconsin, USA

Please pass on to your engineering and manufacturing departments: 'We really appreciate the quick service and expertise to fulfill our needs.'

Jim Smyth, Vonco Products

"This is a lifesaver for us.  Thanks so much.  I can promise more and continued business from us.  Thanks again."

Keith Hoovis, Vonco Products